Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"When Animals Attack" (and other great sit-coms)

The two leggers left the talking box thingy turned on last night. After pouncing on it several times, I was able to tune in Animal Planet.

I love this station. I find most of the shows quite amusing, my favorite being "When Animals Attack". For those of you who have never watched this show, it is about two leggers that place themselves in the role of "meat group", and then are surprised when a four legger comes along and makes them an afternoon snack. Duh, it's kinda what we do. I believe these are the same people that watch the movie "Titanic" and expect a happy ending.

They go for a walk in the woods (home of bears, cougars, wolves and cult leaders) and suddenly find themselves (surprise surprise) becoming intimately familiar with the tonsils of a large, well-toothed four legger. Do they not watch Animal Planet? If they made a show about cats being munched in the woods, guess what, after one airing, you would find no more cats in the woods.

"It's Me or The Dog" is another one that kills me. Talk about a no-brainer. Ditch em both.

"The Dog Whisperer" What do they think the dog is trying to communicate? I'll tell you:
"Gee, my butt tastes good".
"I'm hungry and will eat whatever I find."
"Gee, your butt tastes good too."
"Think I'll sleep now."
That's pretty much it. How hard can it be to be a "Dog Whisperer"? They should get a "Cat Whisperer". Now that would be a show.

I even saw a show about a two legger that decided to live with grizzly bears. He felt he could become part of their family. Though he didn't succeed in joining their family, they did invite him to dinner...... ONCE. I don't think there will be a second season for that show.

The last show I watched was "I Shouldn't Be Alive". All I can say about this show is that Darwin and I agree.

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