Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Messing With The Two Leggers

I had a MWAHAHAHA moment yesterday. Allow me to elaborate:
Last night, my female two legger left her diamond earring thingies out. I do not claim to understand why she holds these so dear, but I know they are among her prize possessions.
As soon as I realized she had left them out, I was deafened by the sound of opportunity knocking. I quickly grabbed one and hid it under the refrigerator. "Why only one?" you may ask, be patient, soon you will realize there is madness to my method. The other earring thingy I gave a shallow grave in the litter box.
I watched this morning as the male two legger scooped the litter. The look on his face when he discovered the partially buried earring thingy was priceless. Thus ensued the most thorough cleaning of my litter box that I have ever witnessed. I believe I can now boast of the cleanest litter in the pacific northwest.
Now, he cleans the litter box every time we go. It is quite amusing. Every time he hears scratching, he appears, wielding his litter scoop like Excalibur. He sifts the litter like a gold crazy forty-niner sifting his claim.
As a bonus, Ivan is one of those strange felines that feels the need to soil the litter after every cleaning. It's almost like a dance. The two legger scoops, Ivan squats, the two legger scoops, Ivan squats. Who will give in first? I'll have to make sure Ivan stays hydrated. It has been a truly amusing day.
However, I just realized a flaw in my evil plan, the two leggers read my blog. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm sure they'll make me sleep with Ivan tonight, but it was worth it. I just hope they retreive my catnip mousie thingy while they are under the fridge.

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