Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Body Language

Once again I am attempting the hopeless task of educating two leggers. Today I'd like to tackle feline four legger body language. We make our desires perfectly clear to the two leggers, but they just don't seem to get it. Here is a simple glossary of our signals:
If I am walking with my tail pointed straight up, it means I am happy, so leave me alone.
If I am walking with my tail parallel to the ground, I am going somewhere, so leave me alone.
If I am walking and my tail is very poofy, I have been startled, so leave me alone.
If I am walking with my nose to the ground and moving my head side to side, I am looking for my catnip mousie thingie, so bring it to me and then leave me alone.
If I am crouched and my butt is wiggling, I am about to kill something, so leave me alone or I may reconsider my choice of victims.
If I am laying down with no legs showing, and my eyes are closed, I am napping, so leave me alone.
If I am smacking Tiger Lily, I am having fun, so leave me alone.
If I jump onto your lap, I require worship, so pet me until I bite you, then leave me alone.
Occasionally I will sit directly in front of you staring into your eyes with my ears flattened in the "owl face" position. Under no circumstances are you to ignore this. This means I require something of you. I will give you no indication what that something is, just figure it out.
If I yawn, your presence has bored me, so feed me and leave me alone.
This should provide you with a very basic understanding of non verbal feline communication.
I will continue this topic after I have seen some progress.

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