Monday, August 9, 2010

Two Legger Younglings

Today I pondered the spawn of the two leggers.
They appear to be miniature versions of their parents, but that is where the similarities end.
They eat much more and more often than their elders. They listen to obnoxious music. They abhor bathing and hygiene on principle. Their clothing is ludicrous at best.
However, I must in all honesty admit that they have some qualities that are to be commended.
Sneaky and underhanded in the extreme, they will stoop to any level to get their way. I respect that.
Their rooms smell worse than most litter boxes and contain nastier nuggets.
They constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to distress their adult two leggers. I have witnessed this on numerous occasions and it never fails to amuse me.
The sphere of chaos that seems to orbit the adolescent two legger is a sight to behold. Things breaking, mature two leggers screaming, Tiger Lily poofed, It is awe-inspiring to see a master at work.
Fortunately, there are no offspring in permanent residence in my abode. My two leggers have raised their litter and found suitable homes for them. I'm not sure if they took them to the shelter or found homes for them, but they occasionally visit though they seem to have grown out of their damage causing years. More's the pity.
Well, I think I'll go pretend to chase a moth. It confuses Ivan and that amuses me.

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  1. No room can smell more worse than your litter box peebo!