Sunday, January 23, 2011

100th Post Contest

My Dear Minions,
I am hereby announcing a contest.

Yesterday I posted my 91st post on the blog. Realizing that the 100th is just around the corner, I decided we should have some fun with it. So here goes:

I am taking suggestions for the topic of the 100th post.
The winning entrant (as judged by a panel of 1, me) will win a framed autographed picture of yours truly and a catnip mousie thingy.
All entries should be submitted to:
The deadline is midnight of some day I've yet to determine. (hey, I'm a cat and am subject to changing my mind)
Minions in my immediate household are not eligible.
Bribing the judge is not only acceptable, but expected.
Creatures of all leg counts are eligible.
Except Squirrels.
I look forward to seeing your entries.


  1. I will ensure that an email gets sent to you with suggestions. An autographed picture would be heavenly, and the catnip mouse would be extra-heavenly. What currency is your bribery in ?

  2. just sent you a suggestion!!!! Looking forward to the 100th post!