Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rub a Dub Dub, Chaos In The Tub.

OK, I had every intention of not posting today. In fact I had every intention of not doing a darn thing today. I was even planning on not smacking Tiger Lily today. Well, that last one went right out the window when I detected her scent on one of my favorite napping spots. Her scent is unmistakable. It smells like a cross between something that needs smacking and something that REALLY needs smacking.

Anyway, my male two legger has just finished pleading with me to post tonight. It seems that a friend of his is going through a tough time and has asked that I spread some joy and enlightenment.
Joy and enlightenment annoy me, but the two legger promised me a new catnip mousie thingy and so I acquiesced.

Not much happened today. Ivan and I played some bathtub soccer. This was amusing until the female decided to take a shower and turned on the water while the bathtub was still occupied. Fortunately, I had realized what was about to happen and vacated the tub about a millisecond before the water arrived. Ivan being slower of both mind and body was not so lucky. This is when the game crossed the threshold from amusing to VERY amusing.

Ivan's stubby little legs became a stubby little blur as his claws could find no purchase on the floor of the tub. Scrabbling around in blind panic, Ivan managed to bring three bottles of shampoo, two bars of soap, and a rubber ducky thingy crashing down upon his unnaturally small head. In a final flurry of claws and teeth, Ivan hooked the shower curtain causing it to fall down in a downpour of grotesquely colored vinyl. This caused much chaos.

Sometimes what begins as a completely innocent activity turns without warning into something beautiful and amusing.

This is for you LisaMarie.

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