Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Your Facebook

Once again I have been observing the two leggers. Once again, I am confused. While two legger behavior is often confusing, it is seldom blog worthy. In this case, I feel I must reach out to my readers and ask them to explain this particular oddness.

The oddness I refer to is called "Facebook". At first glance, Facebook, or "FB" as the oddest two leggers call it, seemed to be a way for two leggers who live in different areas to communicate with each other. I can see the reasoning behind this. I myself wouldn't mind contacting my old littermates and bragging about how I conquered and developed my kingdom. This would be amusing. I would share my wisdom and catnip procurement strategies. Perhaps I would even "franchise" my kingdom. Imagine a world where there was a Cujoish cat in every home that had internet access. Truly a utopian society.

Back to the two leggers. Do they use this technology in the noble pursuit of spreading Cujoness everywhere? No. They use it to tell each other what they had for dinner. They tell each other every single thing that they "like". They show each other silly picture thingies. But most of all, they play games in which they do things that in real life they consider chores.

Take "Farmville". I have observed my male two legger spending hours planting and harvesting crops, feeding and combing animals, building fences and barns. Meanwhile, my lawn needs mowing, I am hungry, my fur is matted, and my roof leaks. Maybe if I awarded useless imaginary money for taking care of us, I'd never again have to witness Ivan sulking because he can see the bottom of his food bowl.

One other thing that annoys me about Facebook is that they have a "like" button thingy. Why only "like"? If I was in charge there would be several more button thingies:
Smack Again

They do have an "ignore" button, but by pressing it aren't you actually "paying attention"?

So please, if you can enlighten me, do so.

Oh, just a side note to the people from PETA who wrote me regarding my treatment of Tiger Lily: As a matter of fact, I DO wear fur.

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  1. Please tell me that PETA didn't really contact you!!! Silly!