Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Greetings

Twas the day of Christmas,
And all through my spaces,
The two leggers were laughing,
And stuffing their faces.

They all seem so happy,
So sated with bliss.
Something is wrong,
Something's amiss.

We've been working so hard,
Ivan and I,
To Cause chaos and mayhem,
And make two leggers cry.

It just isn't right,
It doesn't seem fair.
Instead of angst and strife,
There's joy in the air.

We've shredded the tree.
We've broken the lights.
Even the shepherds know,
The pain of our bites.

But early this morning,
As I lay gently sleeping,
That fat two legger in red,
Into my house came creeping.

At the exact same moment,
We spotted each other.
I saw him go pale,
he started to shudder.

"Oh no, not you!"
He screamed out in fright,
This had just become,
The last stop of the night.

He threw his bag at the tree,
He dived for his sleigh.
Ivan was too slow,
The bozo got away.

"See you next year!",
I yelled to the night.
But the only response I heard,
Was a shaky "Yeah, right."

And so the two leggers,
Have had their holiday.
While Ivan and I sulk,
And put hairballs in their way.

But we'll get over it,
You need never fear.
We've caused a lot of damage,
Plus. there's always next year.

To all my friends and followers, I wish you an interesting and chaotic Christmas. I earnestly hope for your health and opportunities for mayhem in the coming New Year.


  1. WOWZA! You is some fearsome kitties, yesh, you are, we won't mess wif you!

  2. Well done! We're glad to see other kitties who revel in their naughtiness. We KNEW we weren't the only Thirteen Bad cats in the world.

  3. OMC we LOVED THIS!!!
    Here's to mayhem and chaos!!

    Caren and Cody

  4. That was awesome! We love that you are a naughty kitty too - have you joine over at the Naugty Kitty Club yet - our brother Barney started it and is the president (but has sadly not been by in a while). Anyway, we think that was an awesome story! We hope you had a wonderful, fun, happy Christmas!!