Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Un-decoration

Twas three days till Christmas,
And all round the tree,
Something was lurking.
That something was me.

The presents were shredded,
Torn up with great care.
The stockings were torn,
And covered with hair.

Ornaments were shattered,
Shards on the floor,
The star at the top,
Will twinkle no more.

The light thingies were pretty,
Until they were snagged.
And then down the hallway,
They were tastefully dragged.

The angel stood gracefully.
Appearing to sing,
Until Ivan smacked her,
And tore off a wing.

Then to the Wisemen,
Standing next to the manger,
The camels and sheep,
Were subject to danger.

The mini Santa and presents.
Lay ruined in heaps,
Then we munched Rudolph,
And a few of his "peeps".

Now is the time,
To await with great glee,
The two legger's reaction,
To the demise of their tree.


  1. Hahahahaha!! Brilliant my friend, you always make the Rumblemum laugh!

  2. You are a great poet! We think you should be the Cat Blogosphere's Poet Laureate. This is totally wonderful - both as a poem and a factual report of your Christmas destruction. Respect!

  3. Hahahhaahahha!!!

    Thanks for the laughter and smile!
    Yes! Tis is the season to be jolly, except of course, the "camels & sheep" are in danger .. hehehe

  4. Wat a bewtiful chrismouse powem! Thanks you for posting this, itz such a luvly howliday sentiment. *purrrs*

  5. Yes!!

    Precisely the reason Mom won't put up a tree.

  6. Absolutely 100% correct!

    We love this and we second your becoming our poet laureate!

    Merry Christmas

  7. SUPERB!!!! Glad somebody was FINALLY honest enough to tell us what REALLY happens!!

    I was getting real tired of the "warm and fuzzies!!" MOL! (kidding! I love them too!)

  8. You are a Great Poet says my Human, who is an English teacher!

    Merry Christmas! Hope you are happy and warm and cozy during the holidays!

  9. SO VERY FUNNY!!!! PURRFECTION! Merry Christmas Eve from uSSSSS!

  10. Hahaha! That is very good. We suspect there may be a delivery of coal though.

  11. Hee-Hee, Cujo, job Well Done! you wouldn't believe
    what we guinea pigs have managed to shred, dice,
    gnaw apart, tear, sliver, and then pee and poo upon our creation just to leave our "signature!"
    We LOVE Holidays, we does, and we laughing at yours!

  12. Our momma laughed and laughed but we know you are serious!