Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ivan Speaks Pt. II

Da boss said I hadda make blog thingy for him today. I dunno much word stuff, but he make me try anyways.

Umm, guess I talk about what make Ivan, (that me) happy.
Food make Ivan happy. No food make Ivan grumpy.
Biting stuff make Ivan happy. Biting Ivan make Ivan grumpy.
Sleeping make Ivan happy. Sleeping two legger make Ivan grumpy.

The end.

Boss say I hafta make more letters.

Ivan like laps. But don't touch Ivan when he in lap. I bite you if you do. That make Ivan happy.

Boss is nice to Ivan. He treat me real good. He let me smack Tiger Lily. He let me eat eight leggers. He let me eat dust bunnies. Sometimes he only eat half my food.
He real smart. He make pretty words.

Before da Boss came, I was only four legger in house. I did not know what to do. I sleep all day and hide from ghost thingies at night. Then Boss came and showed me stuff I could break during day, and that at night, ghost was only two legger snoring.

Boss show me how to steal two legger stuff and not get sprayed by water bottle thingy.
Boss say Ivan real good at making stinkies. Boss say nobody better at making stinkies. Boss call me the "Grand Poobah of Stinkovia" I don't know what that mean, but I think it is good thing.

Boss says I can quit making letters now. He says this should be enough to annoy many two leggers.

I think Boss is amused.

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