Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Best Time of The Year

I am giddy. I am beside myself with anticipation. My favorite season has arrived.

Every year when the weather grows cold, the trees lose their leaves and
the wind blows the squirrel around the yard, my two legged minions suddenly feel the urge to fill my abode with a wide array of cat toys. There are toys of every shape and size.

My personal favorite is a miniature tree thingy that stretches from floor to ceiling. Not only do they conveniently place it in the middle of my living room, they also hang a myriad of dangly, shiny, sparkly and crunchy objects from the branches. Some are even quite delicious. These objects are perfectly tailored for feline amusement. There are colored round balls hanging from small hooks that are made to shatter on impact. They make a very satisfying popping sound when they drop.

The tree thingy also makes an incredibly effective ambush site. Tiger Lily has yet to learn that the tree thingy has an unlimited supply of smacks lurking within its verdant boughs. I spend most of my day carefully climbing among the branches, looking for the best position from which to observe and plot. I have learned from past experience to be utterly still whenever a two legger enters so that I don't alert them to my intentions. I like for them to be surprised when I leap at them from the upper branches. It enhances the enjoyment for all involved. I was even able to take a picture last year of one of the two legged offspring at the moment of discovery.

Ivan, on the other hand, likes the tree thingy for the variety of flavors that it contains. He seems to enjoy the taste of plastic and cotton. I don't claim to understand him, he is what he is.
He especially enjoys chewing the wires that connect the tiny lightbulbs. Occasionally while chewing on these, he will suddenly jump straight up and flee from the room leaving only the smell of singed fur behind. One would think this to be an unpleasant experience, but ten minutes later he'll be back contentedly munching away.

There are ribbons, bows, boxes wrapped in thin paper, all easily shredded and destroyed. Every night, we wreak havoc and destruction. Every morning the two leggers spend an hour or so resetting everything and sweeping up the shards while screaming in joy and amusement.

Tonight Ivan and I have decided to have a party. We're gonna break out the good catnip and really do the tree thingy justice. All of my four legged followers are invited. It starts as soon as the two leggers are in bed. Remember to BYOCMT (Bring Your Own Catnip Mousie Thingy) Except for Moo, I've got a special one for you.

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