Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Visitation

I  am not amused. 

Earlier tonight I was awakened from my post-afternoon/ pre-evening nap by the back sliding door thingy opening. When I decided to investigate, this is what I beheld:

It appeared to be a representation of a deranged two legger. Though it was a bit creepy, my first inclination was to ignore it. But when I turned my back, it moved.

This went beyond creepy but fell shy of threatening. I decided to resume my nap and leave plotting my revenge against the squirrel thingy for another time. However, when I decided to look at the interloper once more, I discovered its true purpose:

The squirrel thingy seems to be holding a grudge. It would appear that he has taken exception to a few of the things I have said about him in the past. I have no idea why the mangy little tree rat may have been offended, but some vermin are so sensitive.

Sending his little minionette to harm me displays just how cowardly and dishonorable the varmint is. Seriously, using a minion to do your dirty work? Absolutely shameful and despicable.

 So I sent Ivan.

Needless to say, the threat was neutralized with extreme prejudice. After I allowed Ivan to have his fun, I approached and administered the coup de grace.

Believe me, this assassination attempt will not go unanswered.

Sleep lightly squirrel thingy, sleep lightly.

And next time you send something to harm me, please include some gravy. This one was a bit dry.


  1. That looks somewhat like me... I'd kill it, too!

  2. So, Ivan is not a minion? We are wondering; flunky or accomplice?