Monday, February 21, 2011

New Zealand Quake

Tonight I'd like to be serious.

As my two legger was watching the talking box thingy, a special news report came on and announced that there was a major quake in New Zealand.

Though I have never been there, I have many friends and minions who reside there.

Judging from the people, both four and two legged, that I have met from there, it must be a wonderful place.

Tonight I'd like to ask all my followers to pray to whomever they believe in, for the safety and well being of all those affected by this tragedy.

If you are able, please donate to whatever charities you see fit. If you are unable to donate, I ask that you at least remember them in your thoughts.

Here too is a link to a friend of mine that thankfully came through the quake safely. His blog thingy provides a link to the NZ ASPCA.
To all my friends in Christchurch, please let me know you are okay, and know that our thought and prayers are with you.


  1. Cujo, thank you for this blog post. It is comforting to know that our friends around the world are thinking of those in New Zealand and especially Christchurch.

  2. it's the very least I could do. you folks take care.

  3. Thank you so much my friend, it's very kind of you to think of us, and to post a link to my page.

  4. We were very worried when we heard the news this morning and rushed straight to our NZ friends blogs. We are purring and praying for all the furries and people who have been affected.

  5. Cujo, I always knew there was a good heart under all that sarcastic wit. Love you! <3