Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Character Assassination

Every now and again, the two leggers will leave the talking box thingy turned on while they are busy in other rooms.

Sometimes this amuses me, sometimes it annoys me.

Last night it accomplished both.

Last night, the male two legger left the living room to go work on something in the computer room (aka The Royal Litter Room). Before leaving, he tuned the talking box thingy to a channel called "The Cartoon Network".

At first this amused me. There was much random activity, cool sound effects and many examples of slapstick comedy. However, upon reflection, my amusement quickly turned to annoyance. I have discovered a fundamental truth about the media.

It is biased.

It is flagrantly biased against predators. It places natural born predators in an unsavory light while portraying our prey as upstanding, witty and even heroic paragons of virtue. I do not make this accusation of prejudice lightly. I have incontrovertible evidence:

Tom & Jerry- In this cartoon, we are expected to believe that a small, overweight mouse thingy outwits a seemingly physically-fit feline. Jerry (the mouse thingy), physically assaults and brings the wrath of Tom's (the cat) two legger down upon him several times every episode. I will grant that Tom is not the sharpest claw on the smacking paw, but even Ivan has been known to munch a mouse successfully.

Bugs Bunny- How the heck does a carrot muncher get the better of a parade of foolish hunters, dog thingies, Martians and a pig?? I can possibly understand his dominance of the duck, the duck seems rather daffy, but I refuse to believe that a simple bunny can possibly thwart the plots of so many potential predators.

The media also seems infatuated with bird thingies. The Roadrunner always beats the Coyote even though the Coyote has the might of the entire Acme Military Surplus Mail Order Company on speed-dial. Granted, the Coyote is a type of wild dog thingy, but even a dog thingy should be smart enough to wax a flightless bird thingy that is so stupid that it spends all of its time playing in traffic.

Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willy also spend much of their time bashing predators who should be picking feathers out of their teeth.

And let us not forget the most despicable example of all.......Tweety Bird. Poor Sylvester, a fellow tuxedo cat no less, is constantly getting his proverbial hat handed to him by a canary with a speech impediment. He not only gets it from the bird thingy, he is also terrorized by a geriatric female two legger with a rolling pin.

If the roles were reversed, Sylvester would either be demonized by the mainstream media, or asked to write a blog thingy.

However, after much searching, I have finally found one program that actually favors and emulates the predator. "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" airs every Friday at 8pm.

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  1. OK ComMonster Cujo, Sir..you are correct about the media bias, however you underestimate the power of FLIGHT Sir! When was the last time you flew? :D *Giggly Birdy Laughter Inserted Here*