Friday, July 20, 2012

2nd Blogoversary Post Thingy

First of all allow me to thank everyone that was kind enough to send "Happy Blogoversary" wishes. To tell the truth, I had completely forgotten that it was on this day two years ago that I began my epic quest for world domination.

Looking back on two years of sharing my life and philosophy, there are a few things that stand out in my mind:
1. There seem to be a lot folks out there looking for the answers to all of life's mysteries.
2. There are a lot of folks out there who believe that I may provide the answers to all of life's  mysteries.
3. There are a lot of folks out there still in need of my answers to all of life's mysteries
4. There are a lot of folks who will benefit from my answers to all of life's mysteries.
5. There are still too damn many squirrel thingies.

Over the past 24 months,  I have disseminated my wisdom to minions all over the world. I have minions on all seven continents. Yes, even Antartica where a technologically savvy penguin named "Ralph" assures me that he has eradicated the entire Antartic squirrel population. (I encourage all followers to emulate Ralph's example.)

I have met and communicated with two and four leggers from New York to Brisbane. I have even corresponded with dog thingies. (Unfortunately sarcasm does not work well in a text based medium thereby rendering my scathing responses to the dog thingies useless.)

I have published one book thingy and will be publishing a second this year.

I have made many friends and no enemies. (Unless you count squirrels, eight leggers, dust bunnies, moths, grammar teachers, Democrats, Republicans, historians, literature professors, animal rights activists, bunnies, clergy, atheists, veterinarians, politicians, farmers, plumbers, members of the Royal Family, bird thingies, and a housewife in Nova Scotia who is in desperate need of both a spell checker and a laxative.)

In closing, I would like to thank each and every one of my loyal minions for making these last two years the most amusing time of my life.

You guys are why I do this.

Now get out there and slay some squirrels.


  1. Live long and prosper, Commonster Cujo!! I Bow Down in Your presence, SIR!! (eyes averted of course, like in the beginning) *SNERT*

  2. Very cute Doug,do you wake up sometimes and think you are an cat,?LOL.I loved the photos of your place how big of an place do you have ?And are you near any wild life parks?I find the area you live in very special,I love all kinds of wild life.I hope to hear from you soon miss hearing from you and I know your busy,your friend TJ

  3. Laurie and the "Girls"July 21, 2012 at 7:12 AM

    Happy Blogoversary! Thanks for the wisdom and humor you put in every post! I look forward to many more!

  4. You are funny!! Just saying :)

    PS I don’t live anywhere near Nova Scotia for the record!! ;)

  5. Cujo, I would be lost without you...and my GPS thingie!
    You're my #1 go-to blog every time I log on.
    Thanks for all the laughs and hilarious (mis)adventures!

    In honour of your Blogoversary, I attempted to slay my own tail because it had the impunity of looking like that of a squirrel thingy's. I would have slayed an actual squirrel but we don't have them here in Australia, and for some reason customs would not allow me to import them for the purpose of slaying.

    Evil Elmo

  6. Cujo, we never fail to enjoy your wisdom. Thanks!

    The Horde

  7. Happy Blogoversary !!! Thanks for bringing joy to my Lupie World.