Saturday, March 10, 2012

Daylight Ranting Time

Once again, the two leggers are exhibiting odd behavior.

Currently they are running amok through my household, madly advancing all the clock thingies by exactly one hour.

Just six months ago, they turned them back exactly one hour.

As I said, odd.

Apparently, they believe that by adjusting the clock thingies in one hour increments, they are able to "save daylight". 

Is it just me, or is this not one of the silliest things that they do? 

They proclaim to study earth, nature, space and the universe thingy, and yet they think that by adjusting their clock thingies, the laws of physics are suddenly altered and they find that they have made the day last longer and the night becomes shorter.

And so I would like to now address any two leggers who may be reading my blog thingy. All you four leggers can take a nap, slay a dust bunny or visit the litter box  (if you are a dog thingy, go chase your tail or drink from the toilet) while I speak to your servants:

Dear Two Leggers,
    Adjusting your clock thingies changes nothing. Every year, the amount of daylight increases for a while, then it begins to decrease for a while. Then it begins the whole cycle once again. Us enlightened types call these cycles "seasons". Remember that word? You may have even noticed that during the "season" of shorter days, the air gets cold, while during the "season" of longer days, the air gets warm. (Unless you live in Wisconsin where it just stays cold) I reiterate, changing your clock thingies does not affect this. It will happen whether you change the clock thingies or not. This is proven by the fact that the clock thingy on the microwave has been flashing 12:00 for the last three years and yet the "seasons" still manage to change.
     Ooooooh, here's an idea! Ignore your timepieces and emulate four leggers. When the sun comes up, wake up! When the sun goes down, watch the talking box thingy for a coupla hours and go to bed! Take at least seven naps in between and stop stressing yourself out over what time it is.

Okay, I have spoken my piece. You may all return to what you were doing.

Ivan has just advised me however that the time adjustment means that he will get fed an hour earlier and has asked that everyone please ignore everything I have just said.


  1. My internal clock is the one I prefer to listen to. On the rare occasions I'm forced to adapt to mechanical clocks, with, or without the interference of human ideas on timekeeping, it upsets my whole system. Much like a hairball must upset yours.

  2. Cujo, our two-legger would love to emulate us. However, she must work for our tuna thus we cruelly shove her out the door each morning.

  3. Mommy used to lives in a place called Saskatchewan. They don't has Daylight Savings time, the chickens and cows don't like it! Me wishes wes all could be like Saskatchewan!

  4. My four leggers concur with Ivan, I did not wake up to feed them at their usual time. I think they know how to read the new time on the clocks because they knocked everything off of my table to alert me to wake the heck up and feed them. Annoying little angels that they are.

  5. You should be glad you are NOT ruled by the clock thingy, Cujo!! (Great Blog thingy)

  6. Remind your humans to change that fire alarm battery too!

  7. Ok, totally laughing out loud. Katie's giving me the what the fluff look.
    ; ) Currently I'm on unemployment time and it's surprisingly similar to cat time.