Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thank You My Minions.

Today was my birthday.

As my reign of terror and enlightenment enters its' fourth year, I would like to thank all the minions who sent me birthday greetings and gifts. They were greatly appreciated and immensely amusing.

For those who did not send me offerings and presents, I assure you that I understand you have lives of your own and may have been too busy to take the time required to honor me. You may have job thingies, or you may have been ill or infirm, you may have even suffered from a bout of temporary insanity.

Perhaps your internet computer thingy was acting stoopid and you were unable to connect.

Maybe a squirrel thingy climbed the power pole outside your home and in a desperate bid to thwart me, cut the electricity to your house and died a crispy, sizzling death in the process.

It is quite possible that your computer caught one of those virus thingies that auto-erase all good tidings that are sent to feline blog thingies.

Or could it simply be that Homeland Security has confiscated your hard drive........again?

Worry not.

I am nothing if not benevolent.

I understand.

I don't forgive you, but I understand.


  1. Mea culpa, Cujo Cat... "HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!"

  2. Thanks Ms. A, consider yourself forgiven :)

  3. Oh no. Please do not declare war on Finland (north)because my secretary forgot to send you, my hero, birthday greetings.
    We will attach a squirrel to a migrating bird and get something sent to you as soon as possible.
    Belated ageing ceremony felictitaions, Lord Cujo aka Raspittin: may your spray never lose its heavenly stink.

  4. Punapippuri, how could I possibly refuse such an eloquently stated plea? You too are forgiven. However, I'll be watching for the migrating bird thingy.

  5. Happy purrday Cujo, 4 iz a good ayj so Iz hope you did haz good treetz n stuff but just in cayse we'z sendin you sum nip covered toonacakes wiv sumthin speshal hidden inside. Nom carefullee.

  6. Happy Birfday Cujo!!! We know you will continue your reign of terror for many years!!!

  7. Uh oh, we are late - we hope that you understand - blogger was all wonky of course. So we hope you had a wonderful, fun, happy birthday! We send you lots of belated birthday wishes!!