Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Greetings

As has become my holiday tradition, I have decided to torture my followers with a bit of poetry. Thus I present my Easter poem. Enjoy.

This weekend it is Easter,
And I find it sort of funny.
Everyone making such a fuss,
Over an egg laying little bunny.

The two leggers have been busy,
Cooking quite the feast.
All for a long eared, long legged,
Annoying little beast.

They have cleaned my house, they have mown the lawn,
They have even swept the floor.
They made little decorations,
To hang upon the door.

I suppose they'll have guests come,
And invade my happy home.
And all through my private spaces,
The two leggers, they will roam.

They'll pat me, they'll pet me,
They'll say "Who's the little kitty?"
When I leave them bleeding,
I will show them little pity.

I do not understand,
This springtime holiday.
But if they insist on this madness,
I promise they will pay.

Just what is this Easter?
What's it all about?
I sat and pondered this,
And before long figured out.

It's not about the bunny,
The puddings or the hams.
It's not about the colored eggs,
Or the dish of candied yams.

It's about something different,
To you, this idea I toss.
It's supposed to be about,
That two legger on the cross.

It seems he died for us,
And then was born again.
He went through all of that,
So we'd be free of sin.

He gave up his life on Earth,
So that we would all be freed.
And trust me, with my record,
Forgiveness, I will need.

Oh, I'll still watch my yard,
Watching is my habit.
And even if it's sinful,
I will munch that Easter Rabbit.



  1. This is the best poem.


    Sentimental, yet bloodthirsty.

  2. thanks you for teh deliteful sonnet an Hoppy Easter!

  3. Great Poem : )

    Happy Hoppy Easter Cujo

  4. Wouldn't you know that Cujo would put a twisted perspective on Easter. Have you no shame Cujo?? We think not (nor would we want you to change anything about your twisted, evil self). Well done.
    From an admirer of the canine variety (Dominic) and his Mom (however, we don't let our sweet, fabulous, household feline, Camille, read ANY of your postings - we don't want her to get any ideas!)

  5. Beautiful. Just beautiful. God Bless