Thursday, July 22, 2010

the squirrel

ok, I demand to know who invented squirrels.
While taking my post-12:30/pre-12:45 nap in the sunbeam that resides in the bay window, i was rudely awakened by "The Squirrel". This squirrel embodies all that is wrong in this world. While it seems to be constantly busy gathering pine cones and seeds, it also seems to be terminally cheerful. This cheerfulness irritates me.
Using various forms of communication (i.e. twitching my tail, chittering and exclaiming my displeasure with various vocalizations) I try to convey my annoyance. it completely ignores the fact that only a quarter inch of glass separates it from its' final heartbeat.
The two leggers seem oblivious to my plight. This too annoys me. As yet, I am unable to administer justice to the tree rat, however the two leggers will feel my wrath.
Even as I write this, the squirrel is capering on the deck railing. Someday my fluffy tailed nemesis...... someday.
Think i'll go smack Tiger Lily.


  1. Dear Cujo Cat:
    I sympathize with your dilemma. I have to put up with many squirrels outside my slider door, and they just live to taunt me. Ditto for that chipmunk, who I know would make a delicious snack but alas, I drool from afar. We kitties have it hard, don't we, and nobody understands.
    Sincerely yours,
    Mr. Seamus

  2. Mr. Seamus,
    I couldn't agree more. That is exactly why i started writing this blog. To show the peasants how hard our lives are.
    royally yours,
    Cujo cat

  3. Poor Tiger Lily! Squirrel revenge is best served surreptitiously!