Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my minions

first i'd like to introduce my minions:
Doug- a creature of the hairless 2 legged variety. his activities consist of feeding
me, buying me fuzzy toys that seem to amuse him more than me, and cleaning the
royal litter.
Kathy- Doug's mate. she also feeds me. and tells Doug to clean the royal litter.
Ivan the Tolerable- a fellow feline and my acting aide de campe. he is very large,
easily mislead and quite dim. He is also my lead enforcer.
Tiger Lily- a female gray tabby. she's an accomplished whiner, but i keep her because
she makes cool sounds when i smack her.

Now, a little about myself. The earth has been blessed with my presence for 3 1/2 years. I have been in charge of the Dunn family for most of that time. I have never had issues with humility. Humility is a vice i have chosen not to indulge in.
In this blog i will attempt to let the world experience my fascinating and wonderful life.


  1. Razz, you may be the boss of the family but you will never win against me, mwahahaha! :-D

  2. Doug, I have a feeling this is gonna be a great blog!! Tell Cujo Cat I said thanks!

  3. Ziggy gives greetings to the Great Cujo! But only greetings...no kow-towing as poodles know they are superior to all living beings ;-)

  4. Looking forward to every entry, Doug. Blog on!

  5. dear cujo cat,
    my humans are trying to give me medicine from a squirty thingy. how to i avoid this (and possibly inflict as much damage on them in the process)?


  6. I really appreciate your sharing this ComMonster Cujo for I had yet to discover you when your blog thingy journey began! You have given me many giggles and belly laughs. I Thank You!!!

  7. Mason, PREPARE THE TELEPORTATION DEVICE! Set the whisks to the twentieth day of the seventh month of the year two thousand and ten. What? Oh for mousin' sake. July 20th, 2010! MOUSES!!! I want to wish Cujo a happy blogoversary.