Friday, May 4, 2012

My 200th Post Thingy

I have decided that it has been far too long since I have tormented my minions with my poetry. Though it has been banned by 37 countries, 23 states, 478 counties, the Geneva Convention, 3 major religions and a public library in Central Kentucky,  I remain undaunted and fully intend to poetificate once again. So to commemorate my 200th post thingy I present you the following:

Ode To My Blog Thingy

It has been two years 
Since I started to speak.
Through my blog thingy
Week after week.

My thoughts I have offered,
To each one of you,
Now after so many,
It's time to review.

So many subjects,
So little time,
From the  totally outrageous,
To the totally sublime.

I have spoken of amusements,
Of mysteries solved.
Of chaos and  mayhem
And theories evolved.

I have gained many minions,
From here to Timbuktu.
I met many friends,
As my fame grew
I've described many aspects,
Of my sweet life.
I've described the male two legger,
And his sweet wife.

I spoke of Bob,
The most admired of birds.
I described my hatred of squirrels,
In so many words. 

Oh, the deer thingies,
Such beautiful grace!
Of Tiger Lily's whining,
And her large mutant face.

Of eight leggers, six leggers,
Of Ivan and Jaq,
Of teacup poodle dogs
deserving a smack.

I've stalked my dust bunnies,
My tail all a-twitter,
I've told of the secrets,
Concealed in my litter.

The events of my life,
Those great and those small.
The sound of a knock knack,
Taking a fall.

You've heard my many theories,
About sports, about goats.
About hairballs in boots,
And cat hair on coats.

You've borne witness 
To the chaos I cause.
You've seen the lethality,
And the power of my paws.

I never imagined,
We could have such a run.
We've met such great people,
We've had so much fun.

Ivan, Tiger, Jaq and I,
We owe you such gratitude,
For coming by each week,
And reading of our catitude.

As many of you know, I originally started my blog thingy with the expectation that I would post 15-20 times and then watch it die a slow quiet death. In my wildest dreams I never expected to be writing a poem for my 200th post, not to mention having a FB fanclub and successful book thingy.
I am currently in the process of editing the second book thingy which I hope to be released later this Summer.

I would like to say in closing that I am deeply humbled (okay, humility is really not my thing, but you get my point) and appreciative for all the support and comments that I have received during this journey. 

During the month of May, I will be taking some time off to rest my paws and recharge my mental battery thingies. I will still be active on Facebook though at a somewhat reduced pace. I may post some in this format, but not as often. That being said, please rest assured that my adventures will continue. Stay tuned for more chaos.

Once again, Ivan, Tiger Lily, Jaq, Bob and the entire Dunn clan send our regards and thanks to all who have invited us into your homes and computer thingies.




  1. We, your humble minions, thank YOU, Cujo, for giving us so many great laughs!
    And evil ideas.

  2. I'm honored to be among your minions. And you KNOW, that a rare thing for a cat such as ME.

    Cujo, you and your two-legger have outdone yourselves. Both the girl and I are in awe of your poetic prowess. It's a perfect mix of articulate wit and Seussian silliness.

    We love this so much, we're going to share it on our Facebook page so that you may delight my furriends and quite possibly acquire a few more worthy minions.

    xo Katie

  3. Happy Bicentennial post thingy! Your cattitude will be sorely missed during your absence.
    Live long and ponder!!

    *Paw raised in salute*
    Evil Elmo

  4. Cujo and minions,

    I love your blog and check every day for your words of wisdom and fun!!! Thank you so much for doing your blog thingy and sharing with us. I will miss you but will look forward to your return! Enjoy!
    Take care,
    Lucy (silent MOD from Troy, Ohio)

  5. Banned in my neighboring State of KY? The Nerve of those HillMinions!! Your poetry is quite amusing, Commonster :D Soak up some sunbeam thingies as I await your return to the USS Cujo.