Monday, February 18, 2013

Ivan Gets A Job Thingy

As many of you may have noticed, I have a new badge thingy on the right side of my blog thingy.

The World's Best Cat Litter has asked that I be one of their "Catvocates". What this entails is that I will be testing and reviewing their products before they are released to the public at large. It will also mean that my minions/followers will be entitled to special offers from WBCL. I see it as a win/win all around.
    My first assignment as a Catvocate will be to test and review a new type of litter that I should be receiving some time next week. After pondering this task for a while, I have realized a flaw in this plan:

Everyone knows that my fecal matter does not stink.

Therefore, in order to give this new sooper-dooper cat litter a true test, I have assigned Ivan to be the Royal Litter Tester.

I will order the two leggers to use the new litter in 50% of my litter boxes, and continue to use our other WBCL product in the other 50% of my boxes. This will enable me to observe several things:

A. Does it kill Ivan's odor?
B. Does it kill Ivan?
C. Which product will Ivan prefer to use?
D. Will it just confuse Ivan? (highly likely)
E. Does it clump better or worse than the original?
F. Can I use it to sow hate and discontent among my two leggers?

Ivan's ego has inflated since I told him of his new responsibilities. He is now requesting a badge thingy as well as his own private office. I told him that this was a secret experiment and therefore his badge was invisible. I also assigned Royal Litterbox # 3 to be his office. He is now in there trying to figure out the best place to put his desk.

I will be posting the results of my study soon.


  1. Hehehe!!! Loved your post and we are proud to be "Catvocates" with you! Our post is up today too!

    1. Loved your post! Can't wait to see whatcha think about the new stuff!

  2. LOL I found this statement to be quite interesting Cujo: "Everyone knows that my fecal matter does not stink." What does the Vet Thingy have to say about this? :D

  3. Dearest Cujo,
    Mes lives almost in the Pacific Northwest. Wes lives in a teenie village right on the Washington/BC border. Wes almost spitting distance.

    1. Oooooh! You are so close! Which village do ya live in? I am in Oak Harbor, on Whidbey Island. Now we HAVE to have a visit! Your cattery or mine?

  4. Hi Cujo. Looking forward to your review on this. We never could use it because our oldest kitty would only ever use traditional scoop litter.
    It's nice to meet you!
    The Purries of Purrchance To Dream
    (and our NTM (Not The Mama) of The Cat Blogosphere